Focus on your focus

If You Want to Succeed, You Need to Focus on This!

At the beginning of a recent goal-setting seminar I was running, I asked the question…. “What do you find is your biggest obstacle, when it comes to achieving your goals?”     Somewhat unsurprisingly, around 70% of the attendees had trouble staying focused. Obviously ‘staying focused’ wasn’t exactly what they said, but variations of it….…

Action is Power

Why Action, not Information is Power

  It’s all lies!! You must have heard the phrase, “Information(knowledge) is Power!”? Well actually, having all the ‘information’ is about as useful as a chocolate saucepan. Only when you start to act on that information does it become powerful. You can have all the information available, but it doesn’t mean squat if you don’t…

Achieve your goals

Simple Steps to Help You Achieve Your Goals

  Setting achievable goals is easy We all set goals everyday, even though we probably don’t realise it. A goal can be defined as ‘an observable, or measurable end result, which has one, or more objectives, or steps that have to be reached within a given time period’. As such, Waking up in time for…

For greter success, find your why

For Greater Success, Find Your Why?

Who needs motivation, if the change is good for me? Everybody has goals. Usually lots of them. But, for the most part, they help you traverse the daily issues you have and don’t cause you too many problems. Things like having to get up at 7am for work. Although you do it 5 days a…

Set smarter goals part 2

How to set SMARTER Goals – Part 2

  If you came to this page via a search engine, you can view the first part of this series by clicking here. Okay, so with that out of the way, now that you’ve identified your main goal, you need to build up leverage on yourself to help ensure its success. You do that by…

set smart goals

How to set SMARTER Goals – Part 1

Without doubt, one of the best way to increase your self-confidence and be successful in life, is to set goals then have a written plan for their achievement. We all have dreams. Something we’d like to have, do, or be at some point in the future. When we set goals to achieve them, those dreams…

Helping build confidence and self-esteem every day

Set Yourself Free

Set Yourself Free: A Structured Process to Help Build Confidence and Self-Esteem in Any Area of Your Life. The new ebook from The Confidence HQ. Available now on Amazon.

motivation tips

6 Tips to Help Build Motivation

These powerful tips, will help you get and stay motivated. Without motivation we’d all be destined to sit in front of the TV all day, watching rubbish and leaving our brains to turn to ‘mush’. We all defer to mindless activities now and then, but if you’re thinking you already do it on a far…