Confident Christmas

Build A Confident Christmas

No doubt you’ve spent the best part of the last three months preparing for something, that effectively starts and finishes in one day! Could you imagine preparing for Easter in January??? Still, everyone around you is hyped up, ready to enjoy the holiday festivities, but for you, the real stress is just beginning. For many…

Overcome the fear of public speaking

How to Clear Away the Fear of Speaking in Public

The public speaking problem Speaking about our thoughts and views around people we don’t know can cause anxiety for many of us. For some, it can be extremely difficult, and for a few, they’ll completely lose the ability to speak. And the problems associated with public speaking¬† doesn’t only happen when your in a group…

3 ways to boost self-confidence

3 Practical Exercises to Boost Your Self-Confidence

One of the biggst problems with trying to gain self-confidence, or build your self-esteem, is knowing where to start. So, this week I thought I’d give you that starting point. 1. Design your own Self-Confidence Blueprint   If you’ve ever asked someone what they’d like out of life, generally they’ll struggle to give you a…

Jumping to conclusions image

Why Panic Causes The Mind To Jump To Conclusions

  In the previous part of this series (if you missed the first instalment, you can find it here), we looked at one of the main reasons a person who suffers anxiety attacks becomes labelled with a resulting phobia. This week we’re going to look at why that person becomes phobic, when the cause is…

panic attackes can cause low self-esteem

Why Am I Having A Panic Attack?

Why am I having a Panic Attack? This is the first in a series of posts about Anxiety, or panic attacks. Panic, or anxiety attacks can cause huge problems with self-esteem and confidence. Although for this example, the sufferer is an adult, the scenario is just as relevant for children……. So, there you are chatting…

Can you fake confidence

Can you fake confidence?

People have been faking confidence for years. Have you ever been watching a TV show, or Movie where one of the characters is a charismatic and totally self confident person, then a few weeks later he’s playing the part of a master criminal, or drug dealer, etc.? Actors, act. I know that’s not really a…

better self belief

5 Habits to Increase Your Self-Belief

  Do you ever ask yourself “How can I learn to be better”, or “How can I trust myself more?”. Why do so many people struggle with self-belief? After all, you’re the only one who can decide what you’re capable of, so you’re the only one you need to convince. Now, you won’t always be…

increase your confidence

10 Tips to Build Self-Confidence

There are many different ways you can build, or boost your self confidence and self-esteem. When people speak to me about their confidence issues, the biggest concern, by far, is the fear of failure. In fact, it’s so common that I’ve dedicated an entire post to improving the way you think about failure. But apart…

Helping build confidence and self-esteem every day

Set Yourself Free

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