How to succeed at anything

Is there a simple formula for success?

There are hundreds of websites teaching hundreds of techniques to be ‘a success’, but in essence, they all come back to the same simple steps.

SUCCEED ImageIn order to be successful in any endeavour, first you need to SUCCEED

Set Goals

Understand the Why

Cast Out False Beliefs

Count Your Blessings

Excuses Create a Felling of Failure

Every Result is Feedback

Decide to be Successful

Let’s break each of those down….

S — Set goals. How will you know when you’ve succeeded, what steps will you have to complete on your way to being a success?

U — Understand that just setting goals isn’t going to get you the results you aspire to. You need to find the Passion that drives you to achieve those goals. If you can find enough ‘whys’ (ie. why you must achieve the goals), the ‘hows’ (ie exactly how they will be achieved) will take care of themselves.

C — Cast out false beliefs. Beliefs are only what you believe to be true., Many times, they’re probably not true at all and are likely holding you back. If you question them, chances are you’ll see they’re not true, or at the very least, not relevant. Then you can set about changing them for more empowering beliefs that’ll encourage you and drive you on.

C — Count your blessings. Take time to remember your previous successes and think about all the good things you’ve achieved in your life. Being grateful is one of the greatest forces available to you, it puts your life into perspective and gives you the drive you need when things don’t appear to be going great.

E — Excuses create a feeling of failure. One of the greatest causes of failure is telling yourself stories about why you can’t do something. “I don’t have the time”, or “I’m not clever enough”, or “I’m too old/young”. For every excuse there’s an example of why that isn’t true. Everyone has the same amount of time in the day, maybe you could cut down on distractions, watch less TV, or get up a bit earlier every day. Albert Einstein’s school teachers thought he may have been mentally handicapped and he was expelled for his bad attitude. Nowadays we are inundated with information so have the facility to learn what we need to know. And remember, you only need to learn the basics of a subject to get started. As for being too young, or old, 15-year-old Jack Thomas Andraka has successfully developed a distinctive method of detecting pancreatic, lung, and ovarian cancers which is approximately 26,000 times less expensive ( it costs about 3 cents) and 168 times quicker (it takes about 5 minutes) than all previous and current treatments and Colonel Sanders was 65 years old when he started Kentucky Fried Chicken.

E — Every result is feedback. It’s a fact, that you’ll fail at something more times than you succeed. No one gets it right first time. The difference between being successful and failing, is that successful people see every ‘so-called’ failure as a learning experience, they change their approach in light of the new information and then they try again. One of my favourite quotes from Thomas Edison is “If I find 10,000 ways something won’t work, I haven’t failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is a step forward….”

D — Decide to be successful. Success in any subject needs to be a MUST for you. People don’t give everything to something they WANT, but they will definitely give everything to something they NEED! Again, make sure you’re clear WHY you want it.

So, to be successful, you need to S-U-C-C-E-E-D first!

Let me know your views in the comments below. 😉


Steve, who's also the Founder of Teen Anxiety UK, has been writing books and articles about various aspects of Psychology since 2006.

For the last five years, he's main focus has been in helping build confidence and self-esteem.

His formal qualifications include Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP and CBT.

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