Welcome to The Confidence HQ

This site will help you become the best version of yourself.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, what with 24 hour social media, internet trolls and the unspoken pressure to be as good as everyone else seems to be, Stress, Anxiety and depression are often the result.

It’s all-to-easy nowadays to lose confidence in yourself, and then your self-esteem tanks!

On this website, you’ll find articles, ebooks, work books and worksheets, etc., to help you on your journey back to greatness. I’ll also recommend books to read and other resources that can be helpful.

Some of this stuff, requires some action on your part. The theory is great, but as with everything, sometimes the smallest of actions can make the biggest difference. After all, just learning about something doesn’t make it work. Improvements to your life can only happen with action!

Communication is always better than lecturing. So I’d love to hear from you if you’re struggling at the moment and you think I can help.

Alternatively, I’m always excited to hear about how you’re succeeding in spite of the constant battle with your gremlins. Also,I’m always willing to listen if you have a story that you’d like to share, or if you have an insight that can help other people.

If you have anything you’d like to share, you can contact me using the Contact page and we’ll have a chat, all be it by email.

Oooh! before I forget, I would just like to add a quick point regarding comments on this site… Some of the posts include my opinion on things. If your opinion’s different, I encourage you to give yours in the comments.

However, whilst a difference of opinion is welcomed, this is a place of community and safety for those suffering from low self-esteem. ‘snarky’ comments, or ‘flaming’ of another commenter isn’t healthy, or necessary.

Please try to make your comments friendly and helpful. No one knows everything and everything is an opinion. I’m always willing to learn and I’m quite happy to be educated by my readers 🙂

If you’re not comfortable commenting yet, I can be contacted directly by emailing steve@stevegeorge.org. I check this email daily.

If there’s anything I can help with, please let me know.

To your successful future,


My Bio:

I’ve formally studied Clinical Psychology, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psycho-analysis, Psychotherapy, NLP, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Advanced Child Psychology over the last thirty years. And I gained my Ph.D in 2006.

However, my life wasn’t always that ‘sorted’. Until my late twenties, everything was very different. If you’d like to know why I believe I’m the right person to be helping you, click here to find out more about me.

Currently I spend most of my time writing articles for this site, mentoring, creating Training Courses and when there’s time, writing books on Social Anxiety, Success, Self-esteem and Self-Confidence.